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We’re Sprocket, West Kentucky’s powerhouse for startups and entrepreneurs craving business support and coworking space. Whether you’re launching the next big tech innovation or simply searching for a lively spot to focus and get tasks done, we provide the environment, tools, shared office space, and community to support your ambition and get to work on your business.


Living room

I'm Looking for a Workspace, Not a Closet

Elevate your work environment. Ditch the kitchen counter and enjoy a space crafted for serious business, but with all the comforts of, well, not home.

Conference room

I'm Looking for a Business Starter Pack

Got an idea that just won’t quit? We offer the tools, mentors, and environment to take your concept from thought bubble to tangible business.


I'm Looking for More than a LinkedIn Request

Dive into networking experience, office hours, and community events that make LinkedIn look like the kiddie table. It’s time to go deep, not broad


I'm Looking to Outgrow My Startup Shoes

At Sprocket, we offer startups the programs and connections to take things to the next level. Lace up, we’re about to speed things up.


Your Go-To Startup Support System

With tailored support, expert mentoring, and a community of visionaries, we’re the business incubator you didn’t know you needed so dang much. Whether you’re at the concept stage or scaling towards your next big milestone, we’re here to accelerate your startup journey. Get ready to launch – your next stage of success starts at Sprocket.


Startup Pitch Competition

Showcase your ideas in our Next50K Startup Challenge, where innovation meets a $50K prize and a year of mentorship!


Innovation Challenge

Shape the future of the tech landscape in Western Kentucky by stepping onto our platform for breakthrough ideas.

“Being able to identify myself fully as an entrepreneur, transitioning from working in corporate America, has really helped because I fully embrace who I am now as an entrepreneur. That has helped me become a better CEO to build this company. Monica and the whole leadership team at Sprocket has been very helpful in building meaningful connections when we moved here. Our very first headquarters is located at Sprocket, so feeling that sense of community here really help us put our heads down and fully work on expanding the company.”

Dr. Stevens Bonhomme

Next50K Pitch Competition Winner, FeedCoyote

Strategic Support for Entrepreneurs & Startups

Sprocket offers free business coaching with local leaders who bring a wealth of experience and insights to guide startups and entrepreneurs. This personalized coaching, paired with the hands-on expertise of successful industry veterans, provides valuable mentorship and support to help your businesses navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and achieve their growth potential.

Chris Woolridge


Chris Woolridge

Chris Woolridge is the Director for the Center of Economic and Entrepreneurial Development for Murray State University and provides over 20 years of experience with all aspects of small business development.

Melanie Reason


Melanie Reason

As the Business Development Specialist for the City of Paducah, Melanie brings a wealth of knowledge, guidance, and strategic support for growing startups, scaling small businesses, and entrepreneurs.

Pat Ranval


Pat Ranval

Startup enthusiast and founder Patrick provides insight to budding entrepreneurs in his role as Entrepreneur Growth Coach. Helping you sculpt your vision into an buildable product is Patrick’s specialty.

Start Your Success Story

Whether you’re scribbling ideas on a napkin or already knee-deep in execution, your startup journey has a home at Sprocket. We’re all about moving you forward, no matter the stage. Need a nudge? Reach out for support today!