How Secure is Your Business Data?

Sprocket 3121 Broadway #106, Paducah, KY

Join Sprocket as we host Director of the Murray State Cyber Center, Dr. Michael Ramage, for a Beer:30 Summer Hangout! Dr. Ramage will be giving an intro to securing your data and safe guards that you can put into effect for emerging cyber threats.

Pre Business Orientation with Chris Woolridge

Join us to hear Chris Woolridge, Director of Murray State's Center for Economic & Entrepreneurial Development, give a pre business orientation. Chris will cover topics centered around the beginning steps of starting a business and the characteristics a business owner needs to succeed.

West Kentucky Tech Incubator

* This is not an in person event, read description below for more information*   The West Kentucky Tech Incubator is a 12-week collaborative online program surrounding participating entrepreneurs with the expertise, support, and technical tools to develop rapid software prototypes and test customer and business model assumptions that put tech startups on a path […]

Beer:30 SmartPath Technologies

Sprocket 3121 Broadway #106, Paducah, KY

Join Willie Kerns of SmartPath Technologies to learn about all the things your Microsoft Products can do that you probably don't know exist! Things like creating online forms that can auto populate spreadsheets, send text messages or automatically save Word documents! Handling online scheduling if your calendar is already in Outlook. Never having to buy […]


Sprocket 3121 Broadway #106, Paducah, KY

Do you want to promote employee engagement at work, and create a culture of belonging where everyone feels like their input is valued? Connect.Discover.Launch's approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion incorporates how systems impact experience and learning while fostering transformation at multiple levels. Their customers report higher retention rates and a greater sense of belonging. […]

Freelance Fridays

Sprocket 3121 Broadway #106, Paducah, KY

Are you a freelancer or remote worker looking to network? If so, Freelance Fridays at Sprocket are for you! Join us every Friday for a free day inside our coworking facility. October 7th we will have a demo from Feedcoyote's @ Noon, as they will present their business collaboration platform for freelancers! Pizza will be […]

Beer:30 Leveraging a Personal Brand to Grow Your Business with Crystal Tosh

Sprocket 3121 Broadway #106, Paducah, KY

Crystal Tosh, founder of Rockstar Social Media Co., is a seasoned marketing professional! She will be in the Sprocket space on October 13th for a Beer:30 event to give insight on how you can use your own personal online presence to grow your business. Grab a brew next door at Dry Ground and come join […]

Lunch & Learn: S.M.A.R.T Feedback with Susan Spencer

Sprocket 3121 Broadway #106, Paducah, KY

How to give S.M.A.R.T feedback! (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Achievable, Realistic, Relevant, Respectful, Timeline of Actions). Sue will give a presentation defining how to give quality feedback and how to make a plan for future tracking feedback and the actions taken afterwards.