…as long as you are among the first 14 kids (teams) to sign up for an exciting PiTop Hackathon at Sprocket on Saturday, April 25th!

Thanks to a generous donation facilitated by Murray native, Elijah Phillips, at PiTop, kids ages 11 to 15 will build a laptop that combines hardware and software knowledge for a hands-on approach to computer science. Students will put together a PiTop laptop—that’s theirs to take home—from a Raspberry Pi and other circuit boards.

This Pi-Top Hackathon, for students ages 11-15, will be held at Sprocket on Saturday, April 25, from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Tickets are $50.00 per individual.

We are looking for teams of two kids, so grab a friend and sign up, or we will group individuals together to work on the hacks.

We’ll focus on three areas of computing:

  • The first challenge will be mechanical, and the task will be to build the PiTop and install the physical components of a Raspberry Pi base laptop computer.
  • The second challenge will be to install the operating system and configure the basic system with wifi and the application software, and to automatically launch the web server.
  • The third challenge will be to deploy a web application on the web server that pulls in an outside source (weather, community events, etc.) and present it on an information page with the Sprocket Logo.*

If you complete ALL THREE challenges, you will get to take home the PiTop and Raspberry Pi!

But, hurry, space is limited to 14 seats. Sign up here at EventBrite to participate.

Can’t wait to see you there!

Pi Top Guts

Sprocket is proud to partner with PiTop, a company dedicated to inspiring a generation of inventors. PiTop is on a pathway that leads to real-world technology jobs in coding robotics, cybersecurity and AI. Learn more about PiTop here.

Sprocket extends a HUGE thank you to Elijah Phillips and PiTop.

Sprocket, Inc. is a Paducah-based nonprofit organization on a mission to inspire, enable exploration, and drive lifelong learning with a goal to retain talent and grow interest in emerging industries. Email us with questions or suggestions.

*Luckily, kids do not have to understand all these terms to enjoy the hackathon; they’ll gain a whole new level of knowledge by the time they’re finished!