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Igniting Innovation with Mentorship, Business Growth, Community & Coworking in Paducah, Kentucky

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Sprocket: Where Innovation Meets Community

As an integral part of the GroWest Coalition, we’re on a mission to transform West Kentucky into a hub for entrepreneurs, innovators, and tech enthusiasts. By offering cutting-edge coworking spaces, impactful mentorship, and flagship programs like the Next50K Startup Competition, we’re not just supporting startups; we’re building a thriving ecosystem of growth and opportunity.

Explore Sprocket’s Ecosystem for Your Community

We’re here for the founders, the entrepreneurs, the freelancers and small businesses alike.

Next50K Startup Competition

Offers startups a chance to win $50,000 along with invaluable mentorship, aimed at accelerating growth and innovation.

West Kentucky Innovation Challenge

Encourages the showcasing of new tech ideas, fostering an environment of creativity and technological advancement right here in Western Kentucky!

Expert Mentoring

Providing access to seasoned professionals and industry experts for guidance, advice, and support.

Coworking & Office Space

Features a variety of office spaces that cater to different needs, from private offices to open desks, fostering a collaborative atmosphere.

Networking Opportunities

Facilitates connections within a dynamic entrepreneurial community, enhancing collaboration and partnership opportunities.

Workshops & Educational Events

Offers learning opportunities designed to enhance skills, knowledge, and professional growth.

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We aim to foster a culture of innovation that benefits not only individual entrepreneurs but also the wider community. Our programs are designed to empower founders, ignite tech innovation, and nurture a strong sense of belonging among all members of the West Kentucky entrepreneurial landscape.

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