Sprocket, Inc. announced the launch of the West Kentucky Innovation Challenge in partnership with Codefi, Kentucky Innovation, and the US Department of Agriculture. A webinar entitled How to Build a Software Company Without Code that explains the application and process will be held virtually on February 10th. Application deadline is February 19th.

“This is a really exciting opportunity for those who have a deep knowledge of industry challenges in ag and other areas that they know technology can solve, but don’t have the ability to build the software solutions themselves,” said GroWest Regional Director, Monica Bilak. “Basically, the grant provides the technical know-how and the applicant provides the insight.”

Sprocket will award up to $200,000 in Innovation Development service grants to five small businesses or individuals, culminating from a live video Pitch Day on March 12, 2021.

Innovation Challenge

“We’ve seen this process work in southeast Missouri and know it can work here,” said Codefi co-founder, Dr. James Stapleton. “There are people involved in all kinds of industries that have problems and disconnects they know software can fix. Some may be in the process of starting a business or involved in an existing business that, with the technical know-how, could expand into the digital economy. We’re here to mentor and support those with the best and brightest ideas and turbo-charge these new or expanded businesses into reality.”

The West Kentucky Innovation Challenge is funded, in part, by a Small Business Development Grant through the USDA. Innovators living/working in the following counties are eligible: McCracken, Livingston, Ballard, Hickman, Fulton, and Carlisle.

Winners will be announced March 26th and engage immediately after with software and customer development experts to begin work on developing a fully functional software solution.

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