Today is THE day. 

That’s right, enrollment is officially open for our long-promised Adult Code Lab Training…WOOT!

No experience needed. Part time. NO COST. Estimated entry level salary: $60K. We know you’re here for this. 

Code Labs is a local tech education and on-the-job training program provided by experienced software developers to adults in rural communities in Missouri and Kentucky. Our Full-Stack Web Developer program provides the skills, practical experience, and job readiness to prepare you for high salary, high quality entry-level software developer jobs. No prior experience is necessary, and scholarships are provided to those admitted to the program. And, HECK no, you do not need a four-year degree to do this work, just the know-how. 

What are you waiting for? Face it, you’re way too smart for “Would you like fries with that?” Instead, join the Work at Home Nation in this pandemic-proof career. 

Explore the informative website and…