Meet Karly!

Karly is a Paducah native who moved back in 2020 after leaving Western Kentucky University where she double majored in photojournalism and environmental science and sustainability. Karly has previously worked with other local nonprofits in our area, and we are excited that she chose to join our team in May of 2023! She has a background in social media marketing and storytelling making her our key player in telling the stories of our members, start ups, cowork space updates and our community here at Sprocket.

Curiosity got the better of us, and we couldn’t resist peppering Karly with a handful of questions to get to know our Community Coordinator better. Enjoy the enlightening insights we discovered about Karly with a little Q&A session!

Alright, Karly, spill the beans! We’ve got a burning question that requires an espresso-ly important answer: What’s your go-to coffee order?

I worked in a few coffee shops through college and after, so it seems to change as I get older. A classic go to for me is an iced mocha, but as professional life has set in more, a pour-over with oat milk is just a part of my daily routine now.

If you were to describe yourself as a type of workspace or office feature, what would it be and why?

At the nonprofit I worked in previously, we worked with really heavy subjects like infectious diseases, so during my time there I often joked that my duty was ‘company morale’ and I was almost the jester of the office, and could easily spend 10 minutes with each member and they would walk away laughing, smiling or in a better mood no matter what. I love to uplift and bring a fun, upbeat attitude to any environment I am in and reminding people that even in the pitfalls of our work life we can make something fun out of even the sticky or tough situations!


You do bring a lot of smiles and good vibes to the space so we can’t resist diving into what charges your colorful personality. What hue tickles your fancy and makes your heart skip a beat? You know, what is your favorite color?

I like to say my favorite color is rainbow because I can never choose just one color and my whole house is rainbow, but if i had to only have one it may be yellow!

Are there any specific professional goals or projects you’re looking forward to while being a part of our team?

After the pandemic, I kind of re-evaluated what I wanted to do as my career, and a big reason for coming to Sprocket was to begin pursuing graphic design work. My number one dream job, even as a teenager, was to write and design childrens books, because at the end of the day I still feel like a big kid myself who lives in this fun and strange world in my head that is imaginative and creative.

Do you have any favorite local spots or hidden gems near our coworking space you’d recommend?

I am a big foodie no matter what, for a coffee run Piper’s. Seems like a no brainer considering we are in the same building. Also still in walking distance is Midtown Market, with unique deli sandwiches. For a little midday adventure into downtown my all time local favorite has always been Kirchoff’s Deli and Bakery, Etcetera coffee. Otherwise, if I’m in need of a quick but still delicious bite to eat, House of Ross has the best snack boxes and drinks.

We are thrilled to have Karly join our team as Sprocket’s new Community Coordinator, bringing her diverse background in social media marketing, storytelling, and a passion for uplifting others. With her expertise and creative spirit, we look forward to showcasing the stories of our members, start-ups, and our vibrant community. Welcome, Karly, to the Sprocket family!