Meet MuuvWell!

We interviewed the team behind MuuvWell, a new addition to the Sprocket Member family. Their commitment to promoting wellness and mental health has caught our attention, and their innovative approach to corporate wellness is positively impacting individuals and companies. Learn about MuuvWell’s mission to create healthier lifestyles.

What inspired you to create the MuuvWell Corporate Wellness Program, and what do you hope to achieve through it?

After seeing gaps in traditional corporate wellness programs, we wanted to create a program that was relevant, engaging and connected clients to a team of health professionals that were dedicated to their success. We wanted app users to be able to work with Personal Trainers, Registered Dieticians and Drs. of Physical Therapy on an unlimited basis, free of charge.

The ultimate goal of this program is to help people become the best version of themselves.  We believe a wellness solution that leverages technology, simple programs, engaging content and one-on-one coaching is the best way to accomplish this.

Can you describe the different components of the corporate wellness program and how they work together to improve employee health and wellness?

MuuvWell is a tech-driven company that utilizes a mobile app to deliver daily stretching programs, exercise programs, activity tracking, weekly messaging/education, quarterly challenges, one-on-one coaching, telehealth and annual onsite health fairs. We are focused on establishing one-on-one relationships to help our users become the hero of their story.

How do you customize the corporate wellness program to fit the unique needs of each company and its employees? 

Every company is unique in the physical job components and their overall program budget.  We customize weekly content, daily stretching programs and incentives to fit the needs of each customer and maximize program effectiveness.  Additionally, targeted outreach and customized programming is initiated based on each user’s individual needs.

What kind of results have you seen from companies that have implemented the corporate wellness program, and how do you measure success? 

We have seen an improvement in company biometric data, a reduction in work related injuries and a reduction in total company insurance claims.  We measure aggregate biometric data year-to-year following company health fairs, monitor work related injuries and work closely with company leadership and benefit providers to measure insurance claims data.

What’s been your success? 

In the past year, we have had 3 clients that have lost greater than 70 lbs using our program.  One of those clients has lost more than 100 pounds.

What role does technology play in the corporate wellness program, and how do you use it to support employee health and wellness? 

As a tech-driven company, our clients have unlimited access to message our team and receive live, one-one-one coaching. We utilize both the mobile app and our website to deliver much of our programming.  This means clients can access a physical therapy visit from the comfort of their workplace or home when it is convenient for them.  Additionally, Muuvwell users are able to connect their smart devices to our app to allow for tracking and real time feedback from our coaches.

How do you work with companies to create a culture of wellness beyond the program, and what resources do you provide to help them sustain that culture over time? 

We are very proud of our MuuvWell Ambassador Program.  We work with each company to establish program ambassadors that are made up of their employees.  We meet with this ambassador group every 30 days and give them inside program information, receive their feedback and highlight them in weekly content.  Additionally we have a “global” ambassador call every 60 days where ambassadors from all of our companies participate in one virtual call where they receive wellness education and a time to discuss various initiatives they are implementing with their companies.  We are planning a first annual MuuvWell Ambassador Leadership Summit for 2023 that will be a day-long in-person event for all of our program ambassadors. This will be a great opportunity for our program leaders to meet in person, receive insightful training and build a greater sense of camaraderie.
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