Bring Your Startup Idea to Life with the Next50K Startup Pitch Competition

At Sprocket’s Next50K Startup Pitch Competition, startups just like yours vie for a chance to secure $50,000 in funding, gain invaluable mentorship, and showcase their innovations on a state-wide platform. You could be one of them!


A Pitch Competition for Startups Relocating to Kentucky

What Will You Do with Your Next50k?

Turning dreams into reality often requires more than just passion and vision; it demands resources. The $50,000 prize from Sprocket’s Next50K Startup Pitch Competition is a significant capital injection, designed to amplify your startup’s trajectory. Applicants in healthcare will have access to our Healthcare CEO Advisory Council.


Product & Ops Enhancement

Refine your product to market readiness, streamline operations, and invest in tools and software to increase efficiency and productivity.

Market Expansion & Research

Venture into new markets, boost production capacities, and conduct in-depth market research to ensure alignment.


Team Building & Training

Hire vital team members and invest in specialized training, ensuring your startup remains at the forefront of industry innovations.

Strategic Marketing & Branding

Harness the power of targeted marketing campaigns and branding efforts to position your startup effectively and reach a broader audience.

Paducah, It’s Where It’s At

What’s in Paducah?

Set up shop in the heart of innovation! We’re bringing the future of healthcare tech startups to Paducah (yup, to grab your 50K you’ve got to spend a bit of time with us). By joining our competition, all successful applicants are required to take residence in this burgeoning hub of entrepreneurial talent. Don’t worry, you’ll be a Paducahan in no time — we’ll show you all the best local haunts.


The Startup Pitch Competition for Innovators

This year, we’re reserving one of our two awards to a healthcare startup. Why? Because they’re doing some dang good in this world. And just so we’re all on the same page, healthcare means any concept that aids and serves the healthcare industry.

Championing Early Stage Entrepreneurs

We are committed to championing fresh ideas, providing the backbone they need to rise in the competitive market. It’s a great big world out there, but we’ve curated the industry’s best resources and minds to guide you through your journey.

Providing Access to Cashhh

Secure a whopping cash prize of $50,000 to propel your startup journey. Use it for market research, product development, team building and recruiting, building out your operational infrastructure — the startup world is your oyster.

Connecting You to the Right Resources & Mentors

All finalists unlock the golden door to our Healthcare Advisory Council – a rich trove of industry connoisseurs, mentors, and investors. Like your cheerleaders, minus the pompoms.

Shining the Spotlight on You

Win the competition and step into state-wide media exposure, broadening horizons for your innovative solution. But don’t blame us for any paparazzi, okay?

(Don’t Tell the Others, But We Think You Could Win)

The Road to Pitch Victory


Application Review

Our panel of judges will thoroughly evaluate each application based on innovation, market potential, scalability, and team strength.

Semi Finals


Our panel of judges will thoroughly evaluate each application based on innovation, market potential, scalability, and team strength.



Our panel of judges will thoroughly evaluate each application based on innovation, market potential, scalability, and team strength.

Love, the Healthcare Advisory Board

Our Promise

Located in Paducah, our board is composed of diverse healthcare experts, both from a clinical and business perspective. Our mission is holistic, ranging from nurturing a spirit of entrepreneurship in Paducah to upholding ethical standards in healthcare enterprises. Together, we aim to weave a flourishing healthcare ecosystem in Paducah, enhancing the patient, provider, and business experience.

Startup Success, Heading Your Way

Get your idea way off the ground. Apply now! Still have questions? Reach out, we’re here to support you every step of the way.