The wedding industry may be a tough one to break into, but a new collaborative venture featuring several Sprocket community members has found a way to do just that! Introducing Pocket Weddings, a business that’s transforming the way we celebrate love by offering affordable, intimate ceremonies without compromising on the magic. This new small business identified an unsolved pain point in a target market, carving out a unique business opportunity by solving it!

Meet the Pocket Weddings Team!

Pocket Weddings is driven by the talents of Amber Dawn, Caryn Lyles, and Mitch Coy. Each team member brings their expertise to the table, making Pocket Weddings a harmonious blend of creativity and professionalism. Amber Dawn, the visionary photographer from New Dawning Photography, captures the essence of every moment; Caryn Lyles, the culinary artist behind Baked by Caryn, creates custom cakes that are both stunning and delicious; and Mitch Coy, known as Hitched by Mitch, officiates ceremonies with a warm, personal touch.

How Pocket Weddings Carved Out a New Niche in a Saturated Industry

Pocket Weddings offers small, intimate ceremonies that are both budget-friendly and unforgettable, their mission well displayed in their name — weddings that fit in your pocket, in terms of both size and cost, without sacrificing precious lifelong memories. 

Amber explains, “We wanted to offer the community weddings that could essentially fit in your pockets. They’re small and intimate, but also good for your pocket.”

A New Opportunity to Solve An Age-Old Pain Point

The collaborators identified (and dove right into!) a shift in the wedding industry — Amber, Caryn, and Mitch saw an opportunity to meet the demand for affordable, intimate weddings. 

As Mitch puts it, “We’re breaking away from the traditional $10,000 weddings with 25 attendants and hundreds of guests.” Instead, Pocket Weddings delivers a complete wedding experience on a smaller scale, allowing couples to enjoy their special day without the financial strain (or logistics headache).

Caryn says, “We’ve removed all the annoying and overwhelming components of a wedding day, narrowing it down to the most important moments.” Whether it’s a backyard ceremony or a picturesque park, Pocket Weddings can turn any location into a magical setting.

Real Stories, Real Love

Pocket Weddings has already made dreams come true! They recently organized a “mock” wedding that turned into a real celebration for a couple unable to have their dream ceremony due to the pandemic. 

The entire experience, from the ceremony to the first dance and cake cutting, was completed in less than two hours, leaving guests raving about how it compared to traditional weddings. 

“Their ceremony had all the essential moments without the long wait times. It was quick and easy, bringing happiness to everyone involved,” Caryn says.

What Pocket Weddings is Doing Right as a Startup

Identifying Market Needs

Pocket Weddings recognized a growing demand for affordable, intimate weddings — much to the relief of brides and grooms everywhere. By addressing this need, they positioned themselves as a relevant and timely solution in an already well-established market. This clear understanding of their target market has allowed them to create a service that resonates deeply with today’s couples.

Collaboration and Agility

The team consists of individual entrepreneurs who have come together to form a cohesive team, allowing them to offer a complete experience for their clients without the overhead of a larger company. Each team member brings their unique expertise, creating a well-rounded and versatile service offering.

Taking a People-First Approach

Pocket Weddings is all about building relationships with their clients so that every wedding is personalized and memorable. Their commitment to inclusivity and non-traditional approaches is one that resonates with their target audience and is the foundation of the community they’re building. Focusing on customizing experiences builds brand loyalty — but deeper than that, it builds a strong network of relationships that make a thriving community around their brand. 

Efficient Processes

They streamline the wedding planning process, removing unnecessary stress and focusing only on the elements that matter most to their clients. This efficiency not only benefits clients but also allows the business to handle more weddings. By simplifying the process, they make it easier for couples to plan their perfect day without feeling overwhelmed.


By offering customizable packages and an a la carte menu, Pocket Weddings can cater to a wide range of budgets and preferences. This flexibility makes their business model scalable and adaptable. Whether a couple wants a simple backyard ceremony or a more elaborate affair, Pocket Weddings can accommodate their needs.

A Unique and Inclusive Approach

What truly sets Pocket Weddings apart is their commitment to inclusivity and a non-traditional approach. “We’re all very untraditional,” Amber says. “We’re neurodivergent and welcoming, and we’re passionate about creating relationships and bonds with our clients.” This personalized touch ensures every couple feels celebrated and special.

Takeaways for Growing Startups

Understand and Address Your Market’s Needs

Pocket Weddings identified a niche market in need of budget-friendly, intimate weddings — by looking in an already well-established market. By thoroughly understanding their target audience and their pain points, they were able to tailor their offerings to meet those specific needs. New startups should invest time in market research to identify gaps and opportunities in their industry, even if that industry seems saturated!

Commit to Collaboration Over Competition

The synergy and collaboration between independent entrepreneurs has been key to Pocket Weddings’ success in carving out their niche. By collaborating, they were able to pool their talents and resources to offer a comprehensive and customizable service for their clients. Look for opportunities to form strategic partnerships that can enhance the value proposition of your startup.

Focus on Your Customer Relationships

Pocket Weddings places a high emphasis on building strong relationships with their clients with a customer-centric approach that makes happy clients and fuels word-of-mouth marketing. How can your startup make each customer’s experience delightful?

Streamline Your Processes

Efficiency is a cornerstone of Pocket Weddings’ business mode — it makes them agile and affordable so they can fulfill their brand promise. By simplifying the wedding planning process, they reduce stress for clients all while increasing their capacity to serve more customers. How can your startup streamline operations so you can scale without expending more resources?

Join the Pocket Weddings Community!

Whether you’re planning an intimate ceremony or a grand celebration, Pocket Weddings promises big memories on a small budget (wow, what a tagline, right!?).

Ready to plan your perfect day? Reach out to the Pocket Weddings team and discover how they can make your dream wedding a reality.