Meet PreventScripts, one of our brightest healthcare tech startups here in the Sprocket community! PreventScripts isn’t just another healthcare startup — they’re a mission-driven company turning the tables on traditional care by focusing on prevention.

The company uniquely blends innovation, dedication, and tech-savviness to lead a new era of healthcare that’s accessible, effective, and downright revolutionary.

A Preventative Healthcare Platform for a Healthier Tomorrow

Tell us about your startup. What is your mission and core values?

We are the preventive health platform for a new era of care. We identify at-risk patients, deliver reimbursable care plans that add revenue, and improve health behaviors. 

PreventScripts is on a mission to simplify healthy living for all, making preventive care services accessible to providers and their patients. Our core values are to be: 

  • Friendly helpers
  • Aggressive advocates
  • Flexible visionaries
  • Smart practitioners

The Origin of PreventScripts

What inspired the creation of your startup?

“I decided to try my hand at rural solo practice in the very county my great-grandfather was from. Patients were coming in, eager and just so thrilled that I was even there. I would tell teens and their families what to do during their checkups. Families who never drink water. Families who dislike vegetables. A year later, they would return only to have gained 10 pounds rather than lose any. Then, a patient came in and had lost some weight using one of the consumer apps. I could see the value, but noticed that I didn’t truly provide any of that value. Before I knew it, I was recruiting our team to solve this blind spot of health care: the time in between visits in which patients progress from prediabetes, and pre-hypertension into full-blown chronic disease.” – Natalie Davis, MD, PreventScripts Chief Medical Officer

Simplifying Care: PreventScripts’ Preventive Health Services Explained

Tell us more about your platform!

We provide a digital health platform for primary care providers with 2 core products:

Preventive Assessment: Set the visit up for success. Our assessment tool gets the patient’s necessary information and automates it for the provider before the first appointment.

Preventive Kit: Patients receive access to a healthy living kit and mobile app to track their health journey, while providers get a coaching report and custom programming to help patients without the hassle.

PreventScripts’ Startup Team and Culture

Who are the key members of your team, and what are their roles?

Brandi Harless, a seasoned Public Health Professional, serves as the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, bringing a profound understanding of the complex social and health challenges faced by individuals in impoverished and rural areas. Her unique blend of expertise in public health, behavior change, and business strategy positions her as a compassionate leader guiding our team.

Dr. Natalie Davis, MD, assumes the role of Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder, boasting over a decade of experience as a practicing Pediatrician Physician. As the mother of a child with type 1 diabetes, she brings a personal touch to her work, coupled with a wealth of knowledge in caring for adults with chronic illnesses in rural western Kentucky.

How would you describe the culture at your startup?

Our startup culture is characterized by a deep commitment to our mission, a passion for preventive healthcare, and a collaborative spirit. We value innovation, empathy, and a positive working environment.

Our team members are driven by a shared goal of transforming the healthcare landscape, and we foster a culture that encourages creativity, open communication, and continuous learning. Flexibility is our strength as we navigate challenges and victories, always envisioning a brighter, healthier future. 

What makes your team unique?

Our team stands out through our unwavering commitment to collaborative efficiency. This dedication translates into workflows that are finely tuned and an inclusive atmosphere where every voice matters.

We take pride in our innovation, firmly grounded in practicality. Our focus is squarely on addressing real-world problems, ensuring that our solutions resonate directly with the everyday challenges our clients encounter. With PreventScripts, expect a team that doesn’t just leverage open collaboration to innovate, but innovates to meet your unique needs. 

Market Focus: Target Audience of the Preventive Health Platform

Who is your target audience?

We partner with clinics and their providers. We are focused on independent, Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC), Rural Health Centers (RHC), and multi-specialty practices across eight states: IL, MO, KY, TN, AR, MS, AL, & GA! 

How does your product/service meet the needs of this audience?

Primary care providers are burned out. And patients aren’t focused on prevention. PreventScripts is the preventive health platform that reconnects providers to their calling and motivates patients to go from uninspired to active and healthy. Through our science-backed digital tool that assesses and monitors at-risk patients, we encourage behavior changes while offering reimbursable tools providers want and patients need. 

What is the main problem your startup aims to solve? 

One in three Americans have metabolic syndrome, which is the precursor to a chronic illness. We focus on barriers to disease prevention for providers and patients. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of products and companies out there trying to solve this problem.

But even as we stand here today, the needle has barely moved, and At PreventScripts, we firmly believe that we’re leaving a very important stakeholder out of this conversation, and that’s the primary care provider. For a firsthand account that explains this problem, check out this interview we conducted! 

Solving Healthcare’s Blind Spot with a Preventive Health Platform

What have been your startup’s biggest achievements to date?

We’re getting great results from our enrolled patients. We’re seeing a 13% reduction in diastolic blood pressure and a 12% reduction in systolic blood pressure. Our case study has the full rundown on our patient outcomes and we couldn’t be more excited to be impacting patient’s health and lives (click here for case study).

Can you share a story about a significant challenge you’ve overcome?

“We’re a female-founded venture backed company from the middle of nowhere. Female-founded companies only get 2% of venture capital funding. On top of that, we’re rural. On top of that, our second successful raise was achieved in the worst VC market in over a decade. We have beat the odds.

We have great customers, investors, advisors, and products built by a great team. We’re bringing revenue into primary care and making preventive care (that actually works) accessible for the first time. ” – Natalie Davis, MD

How does your startup measure success?

Through our impact on patient experience and health outcomes and our relentless commitment to solving problems for our partners.

Innovation at Its Core: Keeping the Preventive Health Platform Ahead

What sets your startup apart from competitors?

For years, the problem of chronic conditions has been discussed as the most important problem to be solved for healthcare. Chronic conditions lead to poor quality of life and a very expensive healthcare system. The products on the market have traditionally been focused on managing chronic conditions once someone already has one. We are focused on supporting care teams and their patients as they work to PREVENT those chronic conditions in the first place. 

How do you stay innovative in your industry?

Innovation is at the core of PreventScripts. We stay ahead in the healthcare industry not by embracing emerging technologies, but by creating them. Our preventive health platform, which automates risk identification assessment and leveraged digital behavior change tools, is actively working to reshape the definition of what true preventive care is.

We actively engage with healthcare providers, listen to their needs, and iterate our solutions to address the challenges they face in implementing preventive care. Our focus is on meeting the unique needs of primary care providers and their patients, positioning us as pioneers in redefining preventive care in the healthcare ecosystem.

What trends in your industry excite you the most?

“At the end of the day, it’s about market demand. And this is why we came out of the AAFP meeting in October so excited because we’ve been at this for several years now and the response we got there was really unique – to have that many providers excited about implementing something like this into their practice. So it’s about responding to that demand and getting market share.” – Brandi Harless

Future Plans: Expanding the Reach of Preventive Health Care

What are your short-term and long-term goals?

Short term goal – partner with as many providers we can in our region. 

Long term goal – Healthier patients! Imagine if we were so far upstream that we could truly understand what these healthy living levers are and how they would impact costs. That’s really our vision. And so finding partners that can help us understand and dive into those opportunities is the direction we’re heading.

We’ve launched in four primary care clinics and are gearing up to welcome three more next month! This marks a significant stride in our mission: revolutionizing primary care with our digital tools to make preventive care more accessible than ever.

How do you envision the future of your startup?

We envision a future where we’ve helped so many providers seamlessly integrate preventive care into their practice, prevention becomes the standard. We’re not just talking about vaccinations and screenings. We want to change the definition of preventive care, rightfully opening it up to include healthy habits and behaviors at the core of its being. We envision a future where the blind spot of healthcare is covered by PreventScripts, and proactive healthy living takes center stage.

Advice from the Frontlines: Insights for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Don’t do it alone!  Find a few people that have expertises different than yours and pull them together.  We started with 3 co-founders – A Chief Medical Officer, a Chief Technical Officer and a CEO with leadership and public health experience.  This rounded out the skills and credentials we needed to be able to launch.

What key lessons have you learned since starting your business?

An unsatisfied customer who is given thoughtful attention to their grievances, and who then sees true effort and progress in that area, will become a bigger supporter than someone who came in and never had any problems at all. It’s a huge opportunity for self improvement, and a path to create some of the most meaningful, collaborative partnerships out of it. Don’t shy away from failure, lean in to your opportunity. 

PreventScripts: Championing Preventive Health

Can you share an interesting fact or story that most people don’t know about your startup?

“I’ve had the privilege of working in healthcare for the last 15 years. One of my proudest homerun moments was when I got to expand access to primary care in my home state of Kentucky. Most recently I had the opportunity to serve as the Mayor of my hometown, the City of Paducah. And I was proud to help spearhead a lot of private/public projects that helped our community.

But I want to say this. Even though I have had a lot of experience in healthcare and community, what I find is that we continue to fall short in helping patients in our communities fight against preventable diseases. 

There is still one stakeholder being left out of the conversation systematically, and that is the primary care provider. Today I want to share Dr. Wilson’s story and how he is using PreventScripts in his clinics in Tennessee.

I will never forget the first conversation I had with Dr. Wilson where he said, “I just don’t know if I have these types of patients in my practice. I don’t know if I have the at risk population, every patient I see already has a chronic condition Brandi.”

He trusted us enough to enroll and implement PS into his practice. And we found that 45% of his patients we were assessing were at risk for chronic condition, but not actually diagnosed with chronic condition. And that got Dr. Wilson excited. 

Here’s what he said: “There is a lot of great technology out there, the hardest part is how do you integrate that into a traditional workflow and get that information into and in front of the provider at the time they need it to impact a decision.” That’s where we come in.” – Brandi Harless

A Day in the Life of a Healthcare Tech Startup

What is a typical day like at your startup?

Our team is focused on 2 primary objectives right now: Identify the primary care clinics that are in our defined targets, and quickly implement our platform for them. All of our activity centers around those two pillars.  

How YOU Can Support PreventScripts!

Learn more about PreventScripts and get involved via our website and LinkedIn here. Follow us on social media for updates on our journey and insights into preventive healthcare. 

Our commitment goes beyond just providing a service; it’s about reshaping the definition of preventive care to usher in a new era where preventive care is seamlessly integrated, providers are empowered, and patients thrive in proactive health. We’re happy to report that our hard work is making a difference—our partners are achieving better health outcomes for their patients, saving time with automation, and creating new revenue streams for their clinics.